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Living Room & Fireplace Cabinets


This living room – mismatched with different furniture pieces – needed a solution that provided extra storage and made the most of its tall narrow spaces.

“SJS provided 3D Design Drawings showing us how the new cabinets will look in our space”


The new built-in fireplace shelves and covered storage make the most of a typically underutilized space in historical homes.

“Scott and his team were neat, very easy to work with, and achieved everything in a timely manner”

Living Room Built-in Cabinets

Your Contemporary or Historical Built-in Entertainment Center will include everything you need to organize and manage your electronics and cleverly hide all you wiring. Your multifunctional media storage cabinet comes with adjustable shelving and plenty of space to display your books and personal collections.

Custom fireplace shelving maximizes space, enhances the flow of the room, and creates much needed extra storage. In addition, custom built-in fireplace cabinets increase the value of your home.

Built-In Entertainment Center

Custom display shelves and doors that cover components keeping your living room neat and organized.

Historical Built-In Design

Fireplace cabinets with sliding doors and floating shelves create a clever way to hide your home’s sound system.

Custom Built-in Display Cabinet

Smart cabinetry design adds storage and function to the nook spaces of this 1897 Victorian home.